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History of Trinity United Methodist Church

History of Trinity United Methodist Church

Formerly Reaves Memorial United Brethren Church

In 1920 Rev. M.M. Scalf was appointed by the annual conference to organize a United Brethren Church in Greeneville, Tennessee.  The church was organized with 17 charter members.  The following were named the first Trustees of the "First Church of the United Brethren in Christ".  S.G. Smith, G.W. Rollins, F.C. Wilhoit, A.M. Miller and W.L. Fillers.  The first services were conducted at the Lutheran Church located on Depot Street.  On May 7th 1920, a building site located on the corner of Summer and Irish Streets was purchased at a cost of $4,500.

Rev. Scalf and other United Brethren ministers held a countrywide rally on October 30, 1921, to support the new congregation.  Pledges and cash were received amounting to over $3,000.  At the close of the service, everyone gathered for a basket dinner, after which they visited the new church in process of construction.  Rev. S.G Smith, a rural minister of the United Brethren Churches of Greene County, spearheaded the fund raising efforts and later became minister of the church.

On June 4, 1923, Dr. A.C. Sidall, Secretary of the Board of Church Erection delivered cthe dedication address for the church erected at a cost of $34,000. The liberal gift of E.F. Reaves in loving memory of his deceased wife, Hanna Reaves, was so deeply appreciated that the name of Reaves Memorial United Brethren was adopted.  Land was purchased for a parsonage at 106 Union St., October 3, 1945.  A brick structure was completed in 1947, without incurring a debt.  In November, 1946, the United Brethren Church merged with the Evangelical Church. It became the Evangelical United Brethren Church.

By the 1950's, the congregation was beginning to over flow the sanctuary, so on February 13, 1955, one and 3/4 acres was purchased on Tusculum Blvd. near "Ye Olde Towne Gate," at the cost of $23,000.  The new building was completed and the first service was conducted by Rev. A. Blaine Burgess on October 6, 1957.  The congregation voted that the name be changed to First Evangelical United Brethren Church.  The building, lot, and furnishing were valued at approximately $200,000.  In 1968, a new parsonage was built in Shangri-la Hills on Martingale Drive at a cost of $41,000.  In 1972, the vacant lot adjacent to the church was purchased as an investment with projected plans for expanding the parking facilities at the cost of $28,000.

The merging of the Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist denominations in July, 1968, brought about another change.  Holston Conference and the congregating decided that the name be changed to Trinity United Methodist Church.

Ground breaking for Trinity's new Educational Building was held on November 10, 1991.  The building was completed under the direction of Dr. James A. Daugherty & consecrated on January 3, 1993 with Bishop Clay Lee presiding over the ceremonies.  Constriction cost for the building was $750,000, and $80,000. for equipment.  The main feature of the new building is the 100 ft. x 57 ft. fellowship hall with adjacent modern, fully equipped kitchen.  Meals can serve up to 500 people.  The church administrative offices, pastor's office, & other staff offices, two nursery class rooms, small fellowship hall, and six additional classrooms on the second floor balcony serve the youth and children's departments in this new building.

After many years of planning and raising funds, the church built a new elevator and consecrated it in 2018 under the leadership of Rev. Stuart Albee.  This elevator makes it much easier for everyone to get around the building between the Sanctuary and the Education Building.  

                                List of Ministers

M.M. Scalf            1920 - 1926                          Darris Doyal            1978 - 1982
S.G. Smith           1926 - 1935                          Tom Lynch               1982 - 1986
W.D. Mitchell       1935 - 1936                           Jim Daugherty         1987 - 1996
V.C. Adcock         1936 - 1941                           Michael Powers      1996 - 4/98
M.F. O'Neal          1941 - 1944                          Dwight Kenney        4/98  - 6/98
S.G. Smith           1944 - 1952                          Robert Smith           1998 - 2002
A.B. Burgess       1952 - 1957                          Mark Clark               2002 - 2007
Don White           1957 - 1962                          Buford Hankins        2007 - 2009
Glen Cox             1962 - 1973                          David Brannock       2009 - 2012
John Manney      1973 - 1975                          Stuart Albee             2012 - 2018
Eugene Lovell     1975 - 1978.                         Sarah Varnell.          2018-